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Mehandi or Henna and Hair Straightening

Q: I have applied mehandi (henna) to my hairs. Now I want to get my hair straightened. I have heard that if we have applied henna, hair straightening cannot be done. Is this true?
A: The trouble with attempting any chemical hair service after henna has been used is that henna coats the hair shaft and can prevent the penetration of the chemicals needed to create the desired results. While it doesn't always cause a problem, there is no way to know whether it will or not.
Traditional "strand testing" won't help because while the test strands may not be coated sufficiently to cause interference, there may be other areas of the hair that are. The only thing worse than having a chemical service fail to work on any part of the hair is having a chemical service that only works in certain areas, leaving a spotty result.
You may be able to find a salon or stylist who is versed enough with both henna usage and chemical straightening to be willing and able to assist you, but this will require that you do your homework and actively investigate the available professionals in your area.
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