Straightening Hair Q&A (4)

Asian hair straightening
I used an at home hair straightening kit but my hair went back to normal immediately.
Is using a ceramic hair straightener better for your hair than a regular straightener?
Is using a relaxer safe for a woman who has eczema issues in the scalp area?
I want to have smooth shiny hair. Must I use a straightener or a product?
I was wondering if you can use a home permanent to straighten permed hair.
I was wondering if straightening your hair affects color-treated hair.
My child's natural curls are gone after a haircut and styling with a straightening iron.
My daughter wants to straighten her hair permanently. Is she too young?
My hair always gets oily when I straighten it. Why is this?
My hair got fried during home straightening. What happened?
My hair has been getting thinner and thinner since I bought my new flat iron.
My hair is frizzy after using a straightening kit on highlights. What can I do?
My hair is lifeless and lays flat after Japanese straightening. Would a perm help?
My hair is rough dry every time I wash and straighten it.
My hair loses straightness mid-way through the day.
My relaxed hair is shedding more than when it was natural. Why?
My salt and pepper hair turns yellow from the flat iron heat.
My straightener ruined my nice hair. How can get it back to the way it was?
Once the hair is straightened, how do you take care of your hair?
One area of my hair is very frizzy. How can I make it lastingly straight?
On top of chemical straightening can I use the flat iron to further straighten it?
Should I assume that the most expensive straightening kit is the best resulting?
Should I highlight my hair before or after the straightening service?
Should one not use chemical straighteners while menstruating?
What are perming kits? Are they doing the same as straightening kits?
What are the advantages of the Keratin Complex smoothing therapy by Coppola?
What can I do to prevent the effect of humidity on my straightened hair?
What can I do to prevent the wave coming back in my Japanese Straightened hair?
What could I put on my straightened hair so I don't have to worry about it getting wet?
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