Pregnancy & Thermal Restructuring

Naturally curly hair
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Q: I don't know whether you can help. A friend of mine has shoulder length, very thick, naturally curly hair, and would like to go for thermal restructuring.
However, she is in the early stages of pregnancy and does not know whether this is advisable. She also lives in a very hot country. Can you please advise me?

A: In everything I've read concerning the thermal restructuring, your friend should be perfectly safe to get the process performed. She may, as some pregnant women do, have some sensitivity to the odors of the chemicals used, and there should always be a patch test done whenever a chemical service is to be performed.
Your friend will want to discuss the issues and potential effects on a pregnant woman with the stylist who will be performing the service. The restructuring is still relatively new and isn't yet widely available. A stylist who has experience with the service may know of clients who have had relevant issues.
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