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Brazilian Straightening & CHI Straightening

Q: If I have done the Brazilian straightening system (3 months ago) but it gets curly again. Can I do the CHI Straightening? I have Latin, fine, kinky, frizzy hair. It is very stubborn. My hair is relatively healthy. I only dye my hair in chocolate brown every other month. Please help me!
Hair straightened with the CHI transformation system

A: According to most of the salons I have spoken with whom use the CHI Transformation System you can in fact have the CHI system used after the hair has been straightened with another system, so long as the previous system used did not contain a hydroxide based formula. The salon you visit may prefer to simply treat your new growth with the CHI system, or they may opt for a full treatment, depending on the salon's policies and the condition of your hair.
Be sure to explain to the stylist at the salon exactly what systems were used on your hair, how recently, and what you've been using for aftercare following the previous service. If you cannot remember what specifically was used (and even with this information) or if the salon/stylist is unsure about the hair's condition and compatibility with the CHI system, a strand test can be performed to confirm that the results will be safe, and satisfactory.
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