Straighten Colored Hair

Wavy colored hair
Photo: Juice Team/Shutterstock
Q: I want to permanently straighten my hair, and I recently had it colored (about 2 months ago). I wanted to know how safe it would be to get it straightened.
I'm not sure if I want to go to a hair salon or try it myself at home. I have hair that is just past my shoulders, but very thick and wavy. Thank you.

A: The key to whether or not having a process performed is safe is the condition the hair is in. You should always test the hair if there is any doubt by exposing a lock of it to the chemicals to be used before applying the chemicals to your head.
As long as your hair is in good shape, you should be fine. You should, however, be aware that because permanent wave and thio-straightening processes use peroxide as a neutralizer, you may experience some fading of the color.
Given the length, wave and density of your hair as you describe it, I would recommend you go to a salon for the straightening. The hair will need to be combed to keep it straight during processing and the amount of hair you have will make it difficult for you to do the straightening on your own.
Visiting a salon for the services will also allow you to have a professional perform a visual analysis of your hair and confirm that the hair can safely be processed.
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