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Thermal Reconditioning & Hydroxide Straighteners

Q: I used the EasyStraight 1-week hair straightener 1 month ago. I am now considering using other more permanent straighteners and maybe even getting thermal reconditioning. I read that you should not do thermal reconditioning if you have used some hydroxide based straighteners in the past. Can you tell me if the EasyStraight 1-week straightener was a thio- or hydroxide-based product?
A: According to the company's website, EasyStraight One Week Straightener does not contain ammonium thioglycolate, nor does it contain a hydroxide compound. Because of this, it should be safe to use another permanent straightener or even thermal reconditioning.
EasyStraight 1 Week

Even so, it would be advisable to take the EasyStraight packaging with you to allow a thermal reconditioning specialist review the ingredients and confirm that there is nothing that would conflict with the chemicals and processes used.
As for using other home straighteners that offer more permanent results, be sure to perform a strand test before applying them to your hair. This will allow you to bypass the concerns of doing severe damage to your hair because of chemical interaction, regardless of the product you choose to use.
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