Perms Q&A (2)

Permed hair
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Can you have a permanent when you are having radiation and chemotherapy?
Can you instruct me on how to perm a hairpiece or wig?
Can you perm bleached hair?
Can you perm braided hair?
Can you tell me more about bio curling?
Can you use hair gel with a perm?
Can you use setting rollers instead of perm rods when perming hair?
Can you wrap a spiral perm with normal perming rods?
Could early menopause contribute to a perm not taking well?
Could I possibly put a perm in my very short hair without rods?
Do body waves give you lots of volume, more so than spirals?
Does anyone have a diagram of how to section hair for a 10-rod body wave?
Does anyone know what a flash wave is?
Does a perm make your hair all poofy and have the look of being permed?
Does outside humidity have any effect on how a perm takes?
Do I have to wait until my straightened hair has grown out before getting a perm?
Do men still perm their hair?
Do perms work well with Asian hair?
Do you have any ideas on how to scrunch my hair or should I get a perm?
Do you know how much your hair is lifted when you get a perm?
Do you know of a way to strip perms out of hair?
Do you recommend the use of a hairnet to keep perm rods in place?
How can I avoid the poodle effect when I get a perm?
How can I get a body wave out of my hair?
How can I get a perm without the awful smell?
How can I get perm rods to be even and uniform?
How can I lose some of the curl when my hair is too curly after a perm?
How can I reduce the tightness of my curls?
How can I relax my hair without using the Jheri Curl?
How can I remove perm rod marks?
How can I style my spiral perm to look more like a body wave?
How can I take a perm out of my hair?
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