Lose Some Curl After a Perm

Curly permed hair
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Q: I just had a perm done yesterday and it is way too curly and I hate to tell my salon lady it is too curly. How do I lose some of the curl for my hair to be less curly to just a nice way? I now have curly wool hair.
A: Okay, the thing we have to be clear on here is what is meant by "too curly". Are your curls too small, or are they simply more tightly coiled than you expected them to be?
If the curls are smaller than you had planned for them to be, getting a second perm with larger rods will soften the curls you currently have. The main hazard there is exposing your hair to a second chemical process without giving it time to recover from the first one. However, if you explain to the stylist you go to for the service the purpose for the perming, the waving lotion can be timed accordingly to minimize the length of exposure.
If the problem is simply that the curls are too tight for you at present - and you are happy with the size of the curls - you should use a moisture-rich conditioner to give yourself deep conditioning treatments. In addition, use a leave-in conditioner spray and an anti-frizz serum to further smooth and moisturize the curls. The goal is to add as much weight to the curls as you can to help "stretch" them out and loosen the tightness of the curl.
I do want to point out that you aren't doing your salon lady any favors by not telling her that you feel the perm results are too curly. First of all, the results of your perm could be the result of miscommunication between you and the stylist about what you wanted. This is particularly true if your curls are smaller than you wanted.
Even if it is simply a case of the permed curls being too tight, by explaining this to your stylist, she may have been able to give you advice on loosening the curls herself. Trust me when I say that a good stylist only wants to make sure the client is happy with the services he/she receives.
Getting the best results from any hair service relies on good communication between the stylist and the client. If you keep quiet when you are unhappy with a service, you aren't giving your stylist the chance to show you that she can help you have the results you want.
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