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Q: Do you recommend the use of a hairnet to keep perm rods in place and keep them from moving until you finish the perm process? Please advise me.
A: I can see where the hairnet might seem useful in the perming process. If the hair is particularly fine and fragile, then I might suggest using one to make sure the rods don't pull the hair too much during the processing time.
However, for the vast majority of cases, if the perm rods are wrapped properly, and wound with uniform tension the way they are intended to be, then there isn't a need for anything to keep them in place. They shouldn't move. Loose perm rods lead to poorly curled hair.
What I would suggest for women who perm their hair is the use of a silk or satin cap at night to sleep. Wearing the cap over the permed curls will help protect the hair from friction with the bedding and pillows as you move during the night. This helps to keep the curls smooth and reduce breakage and frizz. Since perming the hair leaves it more porous (typically) the hair can be more prone to being roughed up by contact with other fibers.
But as for using hairnets in the perming process, it seems unnecessary.
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