Wrap a Spiral Perm

Perm rods
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Q: Can you wrap a spiral perm with normal perming rods? If so how?
A: Yes. You may not get optimal results, but you can do it. The only difference in spiral perms and traditional perms is the technique with which the hair is wrapped onto the tool used.
The traditional method of wrapping the hair on rollers or perm rods is called a croquignol wrap. This method has you wrap the hair around the rod in layers straight down from the ends of the hair to the scalp.
A spiral wrap is different in that the hair is wrapped on the tool at an angle, winding the hair around the tool so that it overlaps only partially with each pass. You can use traditional perm rods for this process, but only on shorter lengths of hair.
The length of the hair and the desired curl size will determine the size and length of the rod you need. It is possible to use a piggyback technique to spiral wrap longer hair using standard perm rods, but you must be very careful to avoid bends in the permed hair.
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