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Q: I want to get a perm, but definitely do not want to damage my hair. I've heard about new type of waving which is called BIOCURLING. It is made with the help of Italian solution Mossa and it does not damage hair.
In my country (I'm from Ukraine) it is very popular but here in the UK nobody knows about it (at least not in some Ipswich salons). Could you tell me more about this type of perm and maybe could you please name some salons in London (or Ipswich) where I can get it. Thank you very much in advance.

A: All of my research showed a number of non-thio and non-ammonia permanent wave formulas available in American markets made by a variety of American manufacturers, but I could only find one reference to “biocurling”.
This, coincidentally, was a reference to a cosmetics distribution company based in Ukraine. The company, BES-Ukraine, reportedly offers 9 formulas “of biocurling of the new generation without ammonia and thioglycolic acid that will allow curling of any hair type”.
BES is an Italian cosmetics company and manufactures the products, while BES-Ukraine is specifically a distributor and offers hairdresser training in schools in Ukraine as well as the BES Hairdresser’s Academy in Milan, Italy.
As this is the only reference received to a search using the term “biocurling” I wonder if the term here isn’t a regional term for permanent waving or chemical waving, which is entirely possible. It is also possible that “biocurling” is an entirely new permanent waving process that simply hasn’t gained notoriety in other areas, yet.
The best option for you – if you are specifically interested in using the BES products - is to contact the company and ask if they can give you the names of salons or retailers that carry their products in the area in which you now live. BES-Ukraine Ltd can be reached via email at
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