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Short wavy hairstyles
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Q: I didn't see this in any of the answers, sorry if I missed it! But, I have really short hair (always have, tried to grow it out not long ago, but couldn't take the headaches that came with it). It's short enough to spike, and that's about it. My hair is super straight (although sometimes looks curly in places on it's own) and pretty fine.
I was wondering (maybe a stupid idea, but you never know) if I could possibly put a perm in it without rods (my hair won't even fit into the smallest rods I've seen) and just work it like a wave or something. I want the look of people who have the short hair like mine, but their hair is thicker and has a little bit of curl to it. My hair just automatically stands up straight in a fuzzball look.
I'd love to just be able to get out of the shower and have it do it's own thing without having to spike it and all that. I want curl in it! I hope you can help. Thanks for reading.

A: Being frank, it sounds like what you really need to do is visit your local salon for help. In many cases, they can wrap the hair on a rod even when the hair is too short for you to manage it on your own.
What you seem to be describing otherwise is the idea of trying to use a waving lotion to make finger waves for perming the hair as a substitute for wrapping the hair with perm rods.
I've never actually heard of it being done, although perm kits are used to give some relief to cowlicks and the like by redirecting the hair without curling it.
What would have to happen in theory is that the hair would be processed with the waving lotion as package directions indicate, and then rinsed. At this time, the hair would be styled into a finger wave style (with curves and ridges) and then treated with the neutralizer carefully, so as not to destroy the styling in the process. Once the neutralizer processes and is rinsed away, the hair could be restyled into the finger wave configuration and allowed to dry.
It's an interesting idea and one you might persuade your stylist to try if the salon-wrapped perm isn't possible.
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