Perming Bleached Hair

Short bleached hair
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Q: I have short bleached hair. There used to be a product by Matrix called Vavoom that was like a perm but much gentler. It gave my hair body but no damage. Of course they stopped making it. Can you give me some advice on a product that I may be able to use that will give the same or similar results?
Since I wear my hair short I don't really have any damage but it is thinning possibly from female changes and blood pressure meds. I have seen conflicting reports as in - yes you can perm bleached hair too - no, never bleach permed hair.

A: Vavoom was Matrix’s line of volumizing shampoos, conditioners and styling products. It wasn’t actually like a perm. What it did was clean the hair of the residues and build-up that can weigh the hair down and leave it looking limp and listless. Vavoom left the hair light, full of body and looking thicker.
While Matrix has discontinued the production of the Vavoom shampoo and conditioner, they have created their “Amplify” line of shampoo and conditioner products to add volume to and thicken the hair. If you like the Matrix line of products, you might consider giving these a try. Otherwise, give a look to the other volumizing shampoos and conditioners available from the makers you do like, whether its Pantene, Revlon, L'Oréal, or even Suave.
As for perming bleached hair, the determining factor is the condition of the hair itself. If the hair is healthy, and in good condition there’s no reason why you can’t have the hair permed. (Just be prepared for some additional lightening of the hair’s color.) It would be advisable to have your stylist perform a strand test on your hair to ensure that it will in fact, withstand the perm process.
The key is to find a stylist you like and whose opinion and skills you trust. If he or she advises against perming based on an evaluation of your hair’s condition, then don’t get the perm. But there is no blanket rule that can accurately answer whether or not bleached hair can be permed.
Follow up:
Thank you so much for the info, but just for your information, Matrix did make a wave called Vavoom where you did use perm rods, lotion and neutralizer. It gave some wave and volume. Then they stopped production as they said they did not have enough call for it. It worked better on short hair as it was a very mild product and I guess my real question was do you know of anything that may be similar to this product?

I do apologize for the confusion, but this speaks again to the need for clear communication between stylists and clients. The Matrix product you mentioned was not “like a perm” but was instead “a perm”. The confusion arose from the use of the term “product” which to most stylists indicates shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses, sprays, etc., instead of chemical services.
As for similar perms to the short-lived Matrix “Vavoom”, you could try any of a number of permanent wave formulas designed for high-lift tinted hair. Your best course of action is to go to the salon and speak with your stylist about the needs you have for your hair and have him/her select the proper product for you.
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