Perm Asian Hair

Asian girl with curly permed hair
Photo: Tiplyashina Evgeniya/Shutterstock
Q: I am Japanese and considering getting a perm. I have heard mixed messages about whether perms work well with Asian hair. What do you think or recommend? Thank you.
A: By all means, if you want to perm your hair, you should feel free to do so. The only consideration in your choice of whether or not to get a perm should be the condition of your hair. I, personally, have never encountered any problems in perming Asian hair.
It is possible for any ethnic hair type to have problems with perms. These problems are caused by the individual's hair traits, not from some ethnic generality. The hair may be resistant or have low elasticity.
What I suggest is that you find a salon and a stylist with whom you are comfortable and in whose skills you feel confident. The success or failure of a perm service relies ninety percent (90%) on the skill of the stylist performing the service.
A good stylist can assess your hair, determine its needs and will perform the proper test curls to make certain your perm service gives you precisely the results you want without doing damage to the hair.
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