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Ten Rod Body Wave

Q: Does anyone have a diagram of how to section hair for a 10 rod body wave?
A: The idea of the ten rod body wave seems to mean different things depending on the salon you visit. In most cases a ten rod body wave is treated as a "specialty perm" as it uses non-traditional wrapping techniques or methodologies. In some salons the ten rod body wave is a naming device for a "partial perm" technique that perms the hair in targeted areas of the head to enhance the wave and texture in only a portion of the hair. These salons often offer special rates on such perm services, charging by the rod up to a maximum number of rods. They do this because with a small number of rods to be applied they can be wrapped quickly and processed while working with another client in between.
In some salons, the ten rod body wave involves using a fairly standard placement format and simply alternating "segments" of hair wrapped on rods with segments of unwrapped hair.
ten rod body wave diagram
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Specifically, use a five section parting: top section from mid-crown to fringe, left side and right side from back of ear to forward edge, and left and right nape sections equally halving the remaining hair. Plot the segments so that you allow for six rods in the top, three for each side section, and four in each back section. When you actually begin to wrap the segments onto rods, you alternate segments and only use half as many rods as planned for. This leaves half of the hair unwrapped. You will have to fudge matters in the top section and actually plot for seven rods so that you can wrap four and have one in the mid crown and one at the fringe. This also means that you wrap only one rod in each side in the center of the section, and two in each of the rear nape sections. (4 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 10)
In other cases, the ten rod body wave aims to incorporate ALL the hair into the rods for the waving process. This also uses the five section parting described above, but then breaks these down into segments as follows: four rods wrapped in the top section (mid-crown to fringe), one on each side, and two on each rear nape section. Wrap the rods forward from the crown to fringe in the top, and down on the sides and in the nape sections. I will include a diagram to further illustrate these two points. Also note that longer hair may become very difficult to wrap entirely on 10 rods using traditional perm tools. However, using Spiral perm tools with a croquignole wrap may provide the solution for those of you with long haired clients wanting this process.
These are probably not the only two wrapping patterns used for a ten rod wave, but they were two that I found. I hope this helps.
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