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Man with short permed hair
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Q: Do men still perm their hair? My hair is about two inches long on top and I was thinking about getting a perm.
I am wondering what to do if I get a perm and don't like it? Is there something that can be done or do I have to live with it? I probably will go to a salon to get it done. Thanks.

A: Many men do still like to have their hair permed into a curly style. It often makes for easier styling and can give a head of thinning hair a thicker, fuller appearance.
If you do get a perm and are not happy with the result, you can always have the hair straightened using the same chemicals as long as your hair isn't damaged by the initial process. By going to a salon, you can feel safer about the potential for damaging the hair. An experienced stylist can evaluate your hair and choose the right perming formula for your hair.
If you choose to "undo" the perming process, you may have to wait a few weeks between services in order to allow your hair to "normalize" (times vary from salon to salon and depending on the condition of your hair), but you should be able to return to a straighter style with little or no problem.
Before you get the perm, I would advise that you talk to the stylist about exactly what kind of curl you want from the perm service. Do you want to have the hair super-curly and able to be styled into an afro-like style or do you want larger and softer curls that will add wave and texture to the styled hair?
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