Perms Q&A (3)

Hair with a perm
How does a perm work?
How does eyelash perming work and is it safe?
How do I get the perm smell out of my hair?
How do I maintain a perm?
How do you do a dropped crown perm?
How do you section off the hair for a spiral perm?
How do you wrap a perm for a cowlick?
How do you wrap a spiral perm with standard rods?
How long after getting a perm do I have to wait to swim in a pool?
How long does hair have to be to get a body wave?
How long do I have to wait before I can straighten my perm?
How long do you wait to perm your hair after bleaching?
How long should you wait until you get another hair perm?
How long should I keep on the waving solution and the neutralizer?
How long should I wait to get a bad perm redone?
How long should I wait to perm again after an apple pectin perm that went wrong?
How long until a permanent loses its curl?
How long will a perm last?
How long would it be before you know if a perm will take or fall out?
How loose can you get a perm to be without falling out completely?
How often can I perm my hair, since I color it at home?
How should I deal with permed hair and sweat from exercise?
How soon following a perm can one get hair wet in a spa tub?
If I get a perm can it change the structure of my curls and not be poofy?
If I was to color my hair first, would a perm be more likely to take?
If you get a perm. How much does it shrink up?
I had a perm about 3 weeks ago and my hair is very frizzy in the mornings.
I have a problem since I straightened my hair after a perm.
I have been offered an epsom salt treatment after a perm went wrong. What is it?
I got a bad perm with a poodle effect. How can I get rid of it?
I got a body wave and I washed my hair 2 days after. The curls are gone and my hair is frizzy.
I have eczema on hands and feet. Can I get a perm?
I'm desperately searching for solutions to a completely botched perm I just received.
I'm looking for a non-smelling perm for my mother.
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