Cutting Hair Q&A (2)

Hair cutting tools
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Could you tell me definitions of break points in a hair cut?
Does my hair stay the same length as it was before and when it gets thinned?
Do you first do the haircut and then thin shear each section half way up and near the end?
Do you have a diagram for the Hamill wedge haircut?
Do you have a diagram of how to layer long hair?
How can I achieve Victoria Beckham's hairstyle with long soft curls?
How can I control hard to cut and style Indian hair?
How can I cut David Cassidy's shag haircut?
How can I cut vertical layers to stop the back of my head looking flat?
How can I get a perfect and personalized haircut?
How can I make my hair look thinner?
How can I manage the problem of ugly neck hair when I wear my hair in a ponytail?
How can I tell the difference between notching and point cutting?
How can I thin out the sides of my hair?
How can I trim long hair in a curved line?
How can you cut a blunt bob with clippers? Can you cut layers with clippers?
How could I cut side-bangs?
How does hair elasticity effect a hair cut?
How do I avoid getting the 70's feathered look when asking my stylist for a long shag?
How do I blend the back-lengths of a long-layered hair cut to the sides/front?
How do I cut my one-year-old boy's hair?
How do I deal with the lower layers of a shag haircut?
How do I determine if I'm holding the hair at a 90/45 degrees when I cut the crown?
How do I feather-cut a man's hair?
How do professional hairdressers get the length equal?
How do you cut an angle cut in the front?
How do you cut a shag bob using a razor?
How do you cut hair into a graduation cut?
How do you cut the top in order to increase height?
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