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Angle cut diagram - How to cut hair in an angle
Q: How do you cut an angle cut in the front?
A: Angle cutting the hair, especially with long hair styles is a matter of creating guide points to give you the parameters in which to work, and using consistent elevation when cutting the hair.
The first step is to comb the towel-dried hair until smooth and part the hair down the center of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Comb the two halves of the hair forward over the shoulders. With the head held vertically (straight up) choose your starting point. This will determine the length of the shortest strands in front.
This is done by taking the center strands of hair (about 1/2-inch wide segment) holding the hair out at a 45-degree angle to the floor, deciding on a length and cutting a guide using a vertical cutting line.
If your hairstyle features bangs, pull a thin segment from each side of the bangs area and pull them forward and hold them together in front of the face (use the nose as a marker to center the hair), decide on the length and cut your guides using a vertical cutting line.
Continue by combing segments of the hair from each side forward to meet in the center. Maintain the hair at a 45-degree angle of elevation, and cut the hair to the length of the guide cut using a vertical cutting line. By bringing each side forward together, you can be more assured of an even cut.
Cutting hair in an angle
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Proceed in this manner until you've reached the limit of the length (until the subsequent segments can no longer be brought to the center and touch) or until you've cut the hair as far back as you wish.
The length of your guide cuts, the elevation, and angle of the cutting line can be adjusted to create nearly infinite variety in the angle cutting process. Just remember to keep your angles consistent, or you'll end up with uneven results. (See the diagram for an example of head position, hair elevation, and cutting lines.)
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