The Side-Bangs Look

Long hair with side bangs
Photo: OrelPhoto/Shutterstock
Q: Do you suggest the new "bangs to the side" look? I am considering parting my hair to the side and maybe having bangs? I have fine, thick, long hair. I just want a new look.
If this is a good idea, can you explain how I could cut them or how I could have someone else cut them? Thank you.

A: The important thing to remember in getting a side-bangs style is that you may need longer bangs. We already have an article on Hairfinder describing how to cut bangs. You can find it here. The article will describe the basic fringe area shapes, and you can adapt them to a side-swept style by cutting them longer.
You may find you need to use a bit of styling product to establish the style you want and to hold the bangs in the side-sweep, or you may simply need to blow-dry the fringe in the direction you want them to follow. Many of the side-bangs styles sweep the bangs to one side to tuck them behind one ear, so keep that in mind when cutting.
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