Cut a Bob with Clippers

Hair stylist cutting a bob with clippers
Q: How can you cut a blunt bob with clippers? Can you cut layers with clippers?
A: Well, cutting any hairstyle is possible using clippers although why you would do so is questionable. It isn't very logical. Clippers are designed to cut swaths of hair to a uniform length, thereby creating an even, very short cut more quickly and cleanly than can be achieved with scissors.
That being said, there's nothing that said you CAN'T use the clippers to create a bob style. It's simply a matter of maintaining the cutting line and elevation necessary for creating a bob. You can use a comb to hold the hair and give a guide for the clippers to follow.
The same holds true for creating a layered cut with clippers. You need to make sure that you have control over the hair in order to maintain elevation and angle for cutting. If you can accurately control the hair and create the proper elevations and angles for cutting, the method by which you make the cut can be varied.
I don't recommend that you approach this lightly, but given that many innovations in styling and hair fashion come as a result of someone thinking outside the box and if you have manikins or people willing to let you experiment on their hair, then by all means give it a go. You may end up creating the hottest new trend.
Photo: Bystrov/Shutterstock
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