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Cutting hair to increase height
Q: How do you cut the top, in order to increase height? No matter who cuts my hair, or how, it seems that the sides and back have body, but the top lies flatter and flatter every year.
Most hairstylists seem to give me two separate haircuts - one for the sides and back, and one for the top - which just lies flat and limp. Thank you.

A: Generally speaking, in order to increase the height in a hairstyle, you have to cut the hair to a length that will allow for the hair to stand under its own weight. Often, as we age, our hair will gradually change. Coarse hair can become finer in texture and hair that has a lot of body can be come limp.
Often, simply cutting the hair to remove some of the weight/bulk, can allow the hair to appear fuller and more voluminous. However, sometimes it requires other treatments to adjust the changes. Perhaps you would benefit from a body wave, targeted to the top of your head.
A gentle acid-perm wrapped on large rollers can slightly expand the hair shaft and add some thickness and a little more body to the hair in that area of the head. It can also help to match up the texture of the hair on top to that on the sides.
In addition, using volumizing shampoos with light-formula conditioners and very light styling products can help to keep your hair from falling flat. You may want to try root lift sprays, which are liquid styling products sprayed on damp hair at the scalp before blow-drying and used to help the hair stand away from the scalp, and appear fuller.
Simply hold the hair away from the scalp while blow-drying, or hold your head upside down while you blow dry the hair. This will generally give you the maximum volume in your style.
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