Stacked Haircut

Short stacked bob haircut with the earlobes showing
Image: AI illustration
Q: How do you cut the hair into a graduation cut? It would help me so much if you could also supply me with step by step information and some pictures that I could print. I tried to look on the internet but I only found out how to cut a bob in the normal fashion which is not what I want.
A: Well, the graduated haircut is simply a layered haircut. However, from your question and the comment about the "bob", I think you are referring to a graduated bob or a stacked bob haircut.
This is a bob haircut with a weight line that angles up as it rounds the back of the head and down the other side. The rear layers are cut in a steep angle, creating a partial wedge look from the rear crown to the nape of the neck.
As for providing information on creating the cut step-by-step and photos to illustrate the cut, we don't have the space in this forum for providing such detail. We will try to see about getting a how-to article on the stacked bob completed and added to our selection of hairstyles.
Meanwhile, I would recommend checking out the Hairstyles Advisor website. They offer consultation and could assist you in getting a representative photo of yourself with the hairstyle in question and provide you with step-by-step instructions on producing the style.
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