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Razor Cut Hair

Q: I just bought a razor to cut my daughter's thick hair into a shag bob cut. I've seen my hairstylist do this on my hair but I don't want to mess up my daughter's hair. How do you cut this style using a razor?
A: Being honest, my initial reaction is "you dont", because using a razor for haircutting is an Advanced Technique that isn't even taught to cosmetology students until they've been practicing with shears for a while. However, if you are intent on doing this yourself, I have a few tips:
Do not use the razor unless it has the safety-guard attached. This guard won't prevent all potential nicks and cuts, but it will keep them from being as severe, and it does prevent the worst of them.
razor cut bob

Always make sure the hair is wet when razor cutting. Otherwise you can get split ends and the hairs can fly all over. It is also easier to control when wet.
When using a razor to cut the hair, you have to cut the hair above the fingers, since the hair needs to have some tension in order to cut it with the single bladed razor.
As to the method of cutting the hair into a bob, you can refer to the directions we have here on Hairfinder for creating the bob haircut. The only difference is that you'll be making the cuts using a razor instead of scissors.
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