The Lower Layers of a Shag

Hair cutting with layers
Q: I have very thin hair that's plumped up a bit by coloring. I'm interested in a shorter version of the shag that's posted on your site.
How do I deal with the lower half of the hair that's not long enough to pull up to the box layers/stationary guide? What angle should they be held at for cutting? Thank you for any help you can provide.

A: This is a common issue for shorter-length shag haircuts, and how you deal with the lower layers is actually easier than most people think.
It depends entirely on the finished look you want. If you want a heavier, more-definitive cut line in the hairstyle, then you can use a lower elevation when cutting the bottom layers.
If you want to maintain a softer look with a light, wispy cut line, you can increase the elevation to at least 90 degrees and cut the hair to blend the lengths cut to the stationary guide with the lengths of the bottom layers. The style can be further softened and textured using a razor tool.
Photo: Schankz/Shutterstock
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