Length of Thinned Hair

Thinning hair with scissors
Q: I have thick hair. I am Chinese. I want to have it thinned, but the thing is: I'm not keen on trying new things. I was wondering: does my hair stay the same length as it was before and when it gets thinned does it get layered?
A: When the hair is thinned properly - specifically using thinning shears - the overall length of the hairstyle is unchanged. However, in order to remove bulk from the hair, some of the hairs are cut shorter by the toothed blades. Typically, cuts are made at approximately the one-third and two-thirds points along the shaft of the hair.
This does create different lengths in the hair, but these don't qualify as layering because they are spread diffusely throughout the hair, while actual layering follows a pattern. In other words layered hair will typically have the hair's lengths graduate according to the hair's origin point on the scalp - depending of course on the shape you want to present.
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