Cutting Hair Q&A (3)

Hair cutting on a training head
How do you fade with clippers?
How do you get men's hair in front to spike up?
How do you layer long hair for just a few layers?
How do you undercut medium length hair so it curls under?
How often do you need a haircut?
How often should I get my hair cut?
How often should I get my layers trimmed?
How should I explain to my hairdresser that I want a tapered nape area?
How should I notch my son's hair to make the ends flip out?
How should I thin mid length wavy hair?
How should I use hair thinning scissors?
How would I cut long hair so that it frames the face and is one length in the back?
How would I cut my hair to achieve the long bang look?
How would I cut uniform layers for medium length hair?
I got my hair cut in a bob, but it is uneven! What happened?
I have a habit of cutting split ends when I see them, one at a time. Is that ok?
I have a question on how to cut a short pixie hairstyle.
I have fine thin hair. What should I ask for when I want to grow the layers out?
I have 2 crowns. How much can the cutting on the crown be layered?
I am trying to grow my hair long, but my hairdresser removes too much length with each trim.
I'm left-handed and I use right-handed shears. Is it wrong?
I'm looking for the features of these cuts: uniform layer, short & long graduation and one length.
I need to know if you start a pivot bob at the nape of the neck.
Is cutting jagged layers something I'm able to do on my own?
Is it a good idea to give my kids bangs?
Is it a good idea to cut your own bangs?
Is it a good idea to shave my head with a rotary shaver to get a close shave?
Is it appropriate to use clippers to tidy up the stray hairs on the nape of the neck?
Is it ok to trim the ends of your hair with clippers?
Is it possible to combine a wedge and a bob in one haircut?
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