Victoria Beckham's Curls

Victoria Beckham with long hair
Victoria Beckham - Photo by PR Photos
Q: I was wondering if you could give me some advice please. I have thin, long, curly hair (ringlets) and want to try and achieve Victoria Beckham's old hairstyle (long, soft curls). Could you maybe recommend some products that I could use to soften my curls, while adding a bit more volume?
A: Well, if you are only looking to make a temporary change to your hair's wave pattern, I suggest using a wet roller set using a strong hold mousse, or styling gel.
Be sure to use the largest rollers you can find and wrap the hair smoothly and tautly around the roller without overloading it. Also, for maximum volume, be sure to wind the rollers into an "on base" position.
Alternately, you can get similar results (though likely not as long-lasting) by blowing the hair out straight (with root lift) and adding curl using a large barrel curling iron. If you decide you want to have longer-term changes in your hair's wave pattern, you should consider consulting with a stylist for a permanent wave service. You can get a large curl perm that will lessen the level of ringlets in your hair and give you softer waves.
Victoria Beckham with her hair in long curls
Victoria Beckham - Photo by PR Photos
Victoria Beckham with long curly hair
Victoria Beckham - Photos by PR Photos
However, please be aware that in many of the photos I have seen of Victoria Beckham with longer, wavy hair, she appears to be very likely wearing hair extensions for added fullness. This means that if your hair is "thin, long, and curly" as you describe, the results you get from reducing the level of curl in your hair will not match those of Ms. Beckham's hair, unless you consider similar extensions.
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