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Finding the Right Hairstyle

Q: Hi, I have never found a hair style which I really, really like. I have had a few that look nice when I come out of the salon, but can't reproduce at home. I like short styles but they grow out within the week. How do I choose something just right for me ... hairdressers say I have the perfect hair ... thick and curly. I should be able to find something which will keep its shape for at least four weeks and I can do at home without much fuss. Is this unreasonable?
A: No, it's not unreasonable to want a low maintenance hairstyle that is flattering, but depending on the combination offactors - hair density, texture, wave pattern, growth patterns, face shape, feature balance, etc. - it may be harder to find, especially depending on your personal taste.
girl with thick curly hair It sounds as though you may have had some hairstyles that would fit into what you want, but you didn't get the right amount of "education" in creating the look. Whenever a stylist gives a client a new cut and style, he or she should make sure the client knows how to style the hair properly to achieve the look. A lot of times, these looks seem difficult to achieve, but it's really a matter of practice. There were techniques I learned in cosmetology classes at school that I thought I'd never master, and which took me forever to accomplish. But with practice, I soon was able to make them work in just a few minutes.
Choosing the style that's just right for you requires taking into consideration all the factors listed above and thinking about what you'd like to have your hair do. Do you like the amount of curl in your hair? Do you want it long and flowing? Do you like it short and tidy? Are you happy with the color? Do you want something more conservative, or do you like to make a bold statement? The list of questions can be endless.
What you need is a stylist you can work with, and who will work with you to give you honest feedback and make suggestions based on what will and won't work for you (and not on what's going to be most profitable for him or her). I can't make suggestions here, because I don't have nearly enough information to base an opinion on.
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