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Up Style Hairdo with Curls

Q: When doing an up style hairdo with curls, should you start with a ponytail, and if not, how exactly would you do it?
A: How you do an up-style depends largely on what you want the up-style to look like when finished. You could have a French Twist up-style with a spray of curls emerging from the twist, or you could have a high ponytail that is curled into a fall and wrapped by a braid at the base.
Using a ponytail as a base for an up-style is useful if the individual has thick, heavy hair, because it gives extra support to the style. There are also other tools for up-styling the hair that can make getting a beautiful up-style as simple as 1, 2, 3.
We have a few articles on up-style hairdos that are quick and easy, some feature curls and ponytail bases. Take a look at these: Comfortable Style, Twisted Knot, and Twist with Spray of Curls. These styles are easy to do and the articles feature photos and instructions.
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