Pin Curls

Hair with a pin curl
Q: I am doing a level 3 hairdressing course and as part of my course I have to do an assessment on pin curls. I have to do a tip to root pin curl, which I can do. I am not sure how you do root to tip pin curls? Any tips?
A: It's been a while for me, but as I recall, the root-to-tip pin curl was simply a matter of starting at the scalp and keeping the ribbon smooth as you wound it on the base section. As the hair is overlapped, just handle it gently and keep the curl tight.
Aside from that, it's a matter of practice. Of course, given that you are doing this for a specific course, you may want to be sure to consult all your course texts and ask your instructor about the specific differences in your curriculum.
These hairdressing courses often contain variances, and you will want to make sure that you have what is considered the specific answers your instructor will be looking for.
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