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Menopause and Frizzy Hair

Q: I have naturally curly hair that goes frizzy very easily. I am going through menopause and now find that my hair (presumably due to hot flashes) goes frizzy very often and is unmanageable. I do use a serum on my hair and don't rub it dry but have tried so many different shampoos, conditioners and serums recommended by hairdressers that I am at my wits' end. I just want nice condition and silky hair!
A: The best way to prevent frizz is to seal the cuticle layer against the penetration of moisture. Increased perspiration caused by hot flashes can be a problem but it is not an insurmountable one. Using a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner formulated for smooth and silky hair, followed by application of a smoothing serum to towel-dried hair, will help you create a smooth curly style. Be sure to dry the hair using a diffused dryer and finish off the style using a styling pomade.
Pomades are wax-based styling products and the waxy base helps to seal the cuticle layer. It allows you to create definition in the curly style, and will block excess moisture from penetrating the hair shaft causing more frizz.
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