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Q: Curl Free Natural Curl Relaxer by White Rain/Gillette is no longer made. Please suggest a replacement. I was considering Ogilvie. I am white with extremely tight curl. Thank You!
A: I've actually addressed the inavailability of this product before. It was apparently a very popular product among those who wanted to lessen the curl in their hair. And, of course, there are many alternatives available including the Ogilvie home straightening kit you mentioned in your email.
Curlaway Chemical Free Relaxer Ogilvie is a well-known company and the home straightening kit is well-liked in user reviews. The product works much like a traditional perm kit without rollers and the results are generally good when used on healthy hair. As with any chemical service, you should always perform patch and strand tests, and should read all instructions and ingredients carefully before using.
As an alternative, Xenna Corporation makes a gel-type product called Curlaway Chemical Free Relaxer. This is another easy-to-use, gentle product that offers cumulative straightening results, getting better with each use. User reviews are excellent and the product is readily available in the United States at most Walgreen's locations. In fact, the website makes it clear that if you cannot find the product at your local Walgreen's, you can ask the store manager to order it for you.
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