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Rolller Curl & Stand Up Curl

Q: Please indicate for me the difference between a roller curl and stand up curl.
A: A roller curl is fairly self-explanatory. It is a curl created by wrapping the wet or product covered hair around a cylindrical tube (usually perforated to allow air to pass through) and allowing the hair to dry. The process breaks and reforms the physical side bonds (the salt bonds and hydrogen bonds) of the hair from their normal state into a curl pattern depending on the size of the roller used.
A stand-up curl (also known as a barrel curl) is created using no "tools" per se. It is one of the non-tool styling techniques we discuss in our styling without tools article. Basically, the hair is wound loosely around the finger to form a barrel shape, the finger is slipped out of the curl and the curl is secured using pins and clips, and allowed to dry. The Stand-up curl takes some practice to master, but can be useful if you find yourself in a pinch without your usual styling tools.
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