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Ceramic Iron & Lost Natural Curl

Q: I have natural curly hair, and straightened it with a ceramic iron. I have lost my curl even after washing several times, it has not come back. Could the iron have been too hot? And how do I get my natural curl back?
A: It is possible that by using a styling iron that is too hot you can have damaged your hair beyond its capacity to hold curl. If this is the case, you should also see other signs of damage: dryness, frizz, brittleness, and a spongy, matted feeling when the hair is wet.
If you have indeed damaged your hair this badly using the thermal iron, the only likely solution is going to be growing out the damaged ends. It is unlikely that a single use of the ceramic iron would have caused the problem without it obviously being the cause. It is more likely that the damage is cumulative over a period of styling procedures.
styling iron to straighten hair

It is important to make certain that you always use your thermal styling tools safely. An iron that is too hot may cause irreparable damage, even if it doesn't simply singe the hair off at the point of contact. Your iron should only be as hot as needed to smooth the waves in your hair and no hotter. It is better to make multiple passes with a less-hot iron than have the heat too high and damage the hair.
You also need to make sure to work extra hard to keep the hair conditioned and protected when using thermal styling. For more information, read our thermal styling tips.
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