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Big Curly Hair Styling

Q: I recently saw the Q&A on curly hair but it did not really give the answer to my hair problems, I wondered: How do you achieve a quick, cheap, neat and tidy look for 'Big' curly hair from wet? I would really appreciate an answer.
A: I'm going to try and give you the best answer I can but I have to confess that I'm not sure exactly what you are asking about. I am going to assume that your hair is curly, and that you are looking for a method to style the hair with maximum volume and without a lot of time or expensive hair products.
The key is usually the haircut. Use layers if you want to evenly distribute the volume in your hair, or if you need to avoid the pyramid effect. After getting a good cut, comes styling. The best method for creating a head of smooth, curls is to take the hair while still wet and apply a liberal amount of anti-frizz serum and comb it through using a wide-tooth comb. Afterward this is done, dry the hair by patting and pressing a dry towel to the head to blot away excess moisture. Do not rub. You can apply a spray-on styling gel at this point if you wish. Distribute this evenly using your wide-tooth comb again.
The simplest way to proceed from here is to use a diffuse hair dryer and dry the hair to a mostly dry state using your fingers to lift the hair away from the scalp and provide lift. Don't over-dry the hair, this will only lead to frizz and untidy curls. Finish the hair by using a light mist of hairspray and scrunching the hair to give definition to the curls.
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