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Curly Hair and Side Bangs

Q: Hi; I have naturally curly hair and I was wondering: if I got side bangs what would happen if I straightened or scrunched them everyday. Would they just be big puffballs?
A: The answer to this question is going to depend a lot on exactly how curly your "naturally curly" hair is. If your hair has small curls that are tightly coiled, you may find it difficult to create the effect you want, but with larger looser curls, you should be able to blow-out the bangs straight and flat iron them smooth for the kind of side-swept look that you want.
However, you are going to need to pay a lot of attention to keeping your hair protected from damage and well conditioned as a result of the extra heat styling. You hair should be conditioned daily, even under normal circumstances. When you begin to use heat appliances, you also want to use an extra, leave-in conditioner, and a smoothing balm to prevent damaging the hair as a result of the styling.
The alternative is the puffballs you fear.
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