Hair Coloring Q&A (2)

Hair dyeing in a salon
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Does permanent hair color sometimes make the scalp feel numb?
Do I have to bleach hair before adding red chunks?
Do I need to bleach my brown hair first before I dye it purple?
Do you know of any permanent blue dye?
Do you know the formula to mix peroxide?
Do you need to section hair when coloring? How?
Does my hairdresser always need to color my entire head when I go for touch ups?
Does semi-permanent hair color damage hair?
Does vegetable hair dye fade after a couple of weeks?
Do you have to use a special foil when you are tinting hair? Or can you use kitchen foil?
How can I achieve gradient hair coloring?
How can I achieve the ombre hair color that a lot of celebrities are having?
How can I achieve the two-tone look?
How can I avoid that my hair color fades so fast?
How can I dye my own hair in multiple colors, similar to Gabriella Ellis' hair?
How can I get pure black hair without undertones?
How can I get the yellow caused by cigarette smoke out of my blonde hair?
How can I go back to my natural hair color?
How can I know which colors have a blue based color or a violet based color?
How can I lighten down my hair to my original color?
How can I make my hair blonder without hair dye or bleaching?
How can I make my scalp match my hair color?
How can I protect my hair from sun-fading?
How can I remove a strip of color from the middle of my home dyed hair?
How can I remove black hair dye from my hands?
How can I remove bleach from my hair?
How can I remove hair color stains from my skin?
How can I stop missing spots when coloring hair?
How can you tell if someone is a fake blonde?
How does bleaching hair work?
How do I bleach Asian hair?
How do you get dark, dark hair blonde?
How do you know you are choosing the right hair color for the color of your eyes?
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