Remove Hair Dye from Hands

Removing hair dye from hands
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Q: I have just dyed someone's hair black, and I didn't wear any gloves. How can I remove the black tint off my hands? As it has stained, and not removing. Please help as soon as possible!
A: The first thing to do is head to your nearest beauty supply store and look for a tint removal product. They are usually found in the hair color aisle and are specifically designed to remove hair color stains from the skin without damaging the skin. If there is no such product available at your local supplier, you can try one of the following suggestions.
Soak your hands in a bowl of "first aid strength" hydrogen peroxide. This will require a long soak, but will be safer for your skin. Use a nail brush and some baking soda to buff the skin and nails during the immersion process. This may take several processes, but it will help to remove the stain.
A more dramatic approach is to use chlorine bleach on a cloth to swab the stains on the skin. Allow it to sit for two-three minutes then wash hands thoroughly with warm water, followed by cool water. Be advised that this can severely dry out the skin. So be sure to follow up with a good moisturizing hand cream.
Your other option would be to wait and let the color stains simply "wear" off.
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