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Remove Strip of Haircolor

Q: My hair was dyed with an at home kit a couple shades lighter than my dark hair color. That was a year and 3 months ago, and there's a little strip of color in the middle of my hair. How can I make it go away? Also, though some of my hair is naturally straight I have a big frizzy patch in the back. Do I just have to get my hair thinned?
A: Well, My best suggestion as to ridding yourself of the "strip of color" is to get a haircolor that closely matches your natural color and use it to cover the "strip". You don't specify whether this "strip" is the color of the "at-home kit" used or if it is a strip of your natural color, so I am assuming that it is left from the kit.
Since you state that the kit was a couple of shades lighter than your natural color, the hair would have to have been lightened, and therefore needs to be darkened again to regain your natural color. Haircolors that will lighten the natural color (even a little) are permanent colors and must either be re-colored or be allowed to grow out completely.
As to the frizzy patch in the back of your head, I would imagine that is being caused by some environmental factor possibly in combination with the color processes you have had done. Thinning the hair won't solve the issue. What's needed here is to identify and eliminate the cause of the frizz. If it has always been this way (you didn't specify) you may want to see about getting a straightener to smooth the hair. If the problem is environmental (being caused by your bed pillow, reclining on furniture, being blown in the car while driving, etc.) you need to be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner to moisturize and smooth the cuticle layer of the hair as well as styling products to control frizz and to eliminate the cause of the frizzing as well (get a satin pillowcase, or secure the hair when driving, etc.).
If properly cared for, you should see some noticeable results and be happier with the way your hair looks.
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