How To Section Hair When Coloring

Sectioning hair
Sectioning hair - Photo: Ravil Sayfullin/Shutterstock
Q: Do you need to section hair when coloring? How?
A: It's always a good idea when applying hair color to section the hair so that you can avoid having the hair you are NOT working with get in the way of the section you are trying to color at a given moment.
Typically, stylists divide the hair into four sections to prepare for applying color. The hair is parted down the center from front to back, and then from ear to ear across the crown section. This gives four even sections of hair to work with, and keeps the areas not being worked out of the way.
Begin in the front section of your choice (left or right) and apply the color according to the package directions (or according to the process you are performing) in that section and move to the next forward section. We work with the forward sections first because these areas are most visible and need to be readily treated to ensure full processing time.
How to section hair before coloring
After the forward sections are done, move to the left and right rear sections. By this point, with careful application, you should be readily aware of how the sectioning benefits the process of applying the hair color.
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