Hair Color & Sun Fading

Sun fading hair color
Photo: Aleksandr Kurganov/Shutterstock
Q: I just got my hair colored for the first time yesterday and my neighbor upstairs says that I shouldn't go out in the sun without a head covering or the sun will make the color fade. Is that true? How do I protect my hair from sun-fading?
A: It is actually a valid concern. Especially with certain colors - such as some reds - the color is prone to fading in exposure to the sun.
Of course, it usually comes from longer periods of exposure, but repeated periods will be cumulative in effect. So, if you sunbathe or spend a lot of time in the pool swimming, you need to be careful not to let the hair suffer as a result.
In the case of the swimming pool, the addition of chlorine and other chemicals can make the fading worse. To combat the problem, consider using a swim cap in the pool or a scarf when lying out in the sun. If your hair is long, wrapping your hair up will also prevent it from causing pale areas where the hair lays against the skin.
You should also look for shampoos, conditioners and styling/protective products that have protection against UV rays. A product that offers such protections will prevent the hair from being affected by the UV radiation that causes the bleaching. Using preventive products and color protection products afterward, will allow you to make your color last as long as possible.
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