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Semi Permanent Hair Color & Damage

Q: Does semi-permanent hair color damage hair?
A: Semi-permanent haircolor is formulated to use smaller color molecules than most haircolor formulas, allowing the color to penetrate beneath the cuticle layer as well as coat the exterior of the hair (the way temporary color does). It generally contains none of the harsher levels of peroxide developer (used to soften the cuticle and allow deep penetration of permanent haircolor molecules) and is therefore typically very gentle to the hair. Many semi-permanent color formulas also contain deep conditioning agents that can leave the hair in far better condition than it started in some cases.
However, you should remember that semi-permanent means that the color will not last long. Generally, semi-permanent color shampoos out in 6-12 shampoos, depending on the porosity of the hair. For information concerning the potential damage caused by permanent haircolors, please review the article listed here on Hairfinder.
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