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Hair Coloring Q&A (3)

Hairstylist coloring a client's hair

How do you put stripes and/or leopard print in your hair?
How long does it take for a toner to wash out?
How long does it take to get silver white hair?
How long do hair dyes last?
How long must I wait before coloring my hair again?
How long must I wait until I can dye my hair after I've bleached it?
How long should I wait for best results with home hair color kits?
How long should I wait to go swimming after I bleached my hair?
How long should you leave a soap cap in your hair?
How many times can you bleach your hair in a year?
How much time and money would I need for the upkeep of a haircolor change?
How often can I color my hair before I destroy it?
How often can I use toner on my hair?
How should time be adjusted when using heat in coloring processes?
How to fix dyed hair that is too dark without dying it?
I am trying to decide whether to dye my hair or not.
I had my hair bleached. Is it possible to dye it into a darker color again?
I have a few questions before I dye the tips of my hair blue.
I have dark, dark brown hair and I want a caramel brown. Is that possible?
I have very dark, brown hair, and I want red hair. Is this possible?
I just dyed my hair last night; can I re-dye my hair today again?
I'm allergic to hair color. How can I color my hair?
Is blonde hair coloring and bleaching the same?
Is blonde hair with dark roots trendy or is it something I should avoid?
Is it a good idea to get your hair colored and cut on one and the same hair salon visit?
Is it better to color your hair before or after it is cut?
Is it dangerous to bleach your eyebrows and eyelashes?
Is it more risky to go blonde when you have fine hair?
Is it ok to bleach hair 3-1/2 weeks after a relaxer?
Is it ok to dye a child's hair?
Is it okay to put your hair up in a ponytail right after coloring it?
Is it ok to use a different brand of developer than the brand of the actual color?
Is it possible to be a spring color type with warm skin and eyes and cool hair?
Is it possible to color hair at the tips only and what coloring techniques would I need?
Is it possible to color your hair bronde yourself?
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