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Bleach Asian Hair

Q: How do I bleach Asian hair? I’ve never done this before, and my brother has given me a bunch of tips but if you have directions or a link that is easier to follow, I’d really appreciate it. I don’t want to go totally platinum blonde, just a medium or dirty blonde even would be fine. Asian hair tends to be much thicker and harder to dye from what I heard.
I don’t mind using more than one application if that’s what it takes. My brother mentioned using like a 30-40 developer and mixing it with something else, but I honestly am not sure how to do this? And my brother also says I have to only apply it to about ½ inch above the roots otherwise it will be painful on my scalp?
I have a friend who gets her hair dyed all the time who is Korean and she is coming to help me, so I think she’ll be able to help me out. Also, if I’m planning to do two different sessions of bleaching to get my hair from black to medium/dirty blond, do I have to wait a day or two between sessions or can I just wait a few hours and do it again?

A: Theoretically, bleaching Asian hair is the same as bleaching any other ethnicity of hair. Generally, because Asian hair is so dark it does require a much stronger haircolor developer, or even pre-lightening to reach the desired haircolor. We do, indeed, have a number of articles on haircoloring and bleaching here on Hairfinder.
Asian girl with bleached blonde hair As you can see in the articles, I generally don't recommend attempting to lighten your hair too far from the original color - and most certainly not on your own, particularly when you are contemplating using a pre-lightening or bleaching process. Most of the bleaching agents used are designed for off-the-scalp application because they are very strong and can cause serious burns to the skin if they come into contact.
If you are intending to do this type of hair lightening and coloring at home, please look for a pre-lightening product that is safe for use on-the-scalp and read the instructions for its use carefully. I also recommend that you read the articles we have on hair coloring to become familiar with the processes and safety precautions.
You will most likely need to perform a two stage color process, one step for pre-lightening, and one step for color application. As to the question of whether you need to wait between steps, the answer depends on the condition of your hair before and after the pre-lightening stage. Always perform a strand test to make sure your hair will withstand the lightening and coloring processes. Be sure to follow the directions for the products carefully. If you are even a little concerned about the condition of your hair, be sure to condition it carefully before doing any other process.
I do not recommend doing this type of color-change yourself at home, but if you insist on doing for yourself, please be sure to be as informed and careful as you possibly can.
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