Foil for Hair Tinting

Hair tinting foil and products
Q: Do you have to use a special foil when you are tinting hair? Or can you use kitchen foil?
A: You can use kitchen foil for doing foil tinting. In fact, you don't even have to use foils at all if you prefer not to use them.
The key is to use SOMETHING that will allow you to segregate slices of the hair that have been treated with a tinting or bleaching agent. This is so that the color or bleach does not bleed onto the other hair and you can target where you want the color or lightening effect.
Of course, there are products that are designed specifically for use with the hair for this purpose, and these specialty products are generally made at an appropriate size and thickness to make them easier to work with for the purpose of applying targeted color effects.
However, for the average home user, who may be trying to save some money while getting their hair the way they want, these specially designed tools are often a bit on the expensive side. They also tend to come in quantities that are FAR greater than what the average home user would need in even a couple of years.
Because of this, it makes sense for many home users to simply get their own roll of lightweight aluminum foil and cut their own foils for use on their hair.
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