Permanent Hair Color & Numb Scalp

Coloring hair
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Q: Does permanent hair color sometimes make the scalp feel numb?
A: Typically speaking, with most hair color formulas, there should be NO unpleasant sensations on the scalp. Any tingling, numbness, burning or itch associated with a chemical color service means that you are very likely to be sensitive to the product (or to an ingredient in the product) and/or you are having an allergic reaction.
Sensitivity can come in a wide range of varying levels. Some people are hyper-sensitive and experience severe burning and reactions in the scalp, while others have only a mild-sensation to indicate that they are sensitive.
You should always perform a patch test before you undergo any chemical service, even if you've had that service before. Sensitivity can develop over time and can go away just as readily. It can be caused by combinations of factors like body chemistry, diet, medications, etc. If you have any sign of sensitivity during a patch test, you should never have the service done on your entire scalp.
If the problem of numbness begins with a color application and persists after the color service is long over, then you may want to speak with your doctor about the possibility of sensitivity to the product. Be sure to take the packaging of the hair color product with you so that the doctor knows everything that is involved.
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