Fake Blonde

Fake blonde woman
Photo: Yuri Shevtsov/Shutterstock
Q: How can you tell if someone is a fake blonde?
A: Ever since women and men began to come up with ways to lighten their hair, there have been countless ways to know if someone’s hair is naturally blonde or artificially created.
Most of these “methods” are utter nonsense. Whether you’re comparing the difference between the hair color and the color of the eyebrows, or remarking on the darkness of the hair at the scalp area, neither means is foolproof.
There are many natural blondes who have dark eyebrows, and many individuals whose hair lightens considerably during the sunny summer months. Even the condition of the hair isn’t necessarily an indicator, since hair that is in good condition beforehand and is processed skillfully by a good colorist may look healthier than some hair that has never been chemically treated.
The easiest signs of “bottle blondeness” are things like ethnicity. If the Asian lady seated next to you on the train has pale yellow hair, you can be pretty sure that it’s not natural. This also applies to situations where the color doesn’t match the skin tone. People born as brunettes usually have coloring more suited to darker tones. Changes become more apparent the further they shift from the natural color.
Sorry I can’t offer a hard and fast rule on spotting artificial hair color, but the fact is that with modern hair color formulas and common sense on the part of the individual changing his or her hair color, it can be impossible to tell in some cases.
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