Non-permanent Bleach

Woman with bleached hair and upturned shirt collar
Q: How can I remove bleach from my hair? I have dark hair and want to bleach it, but how can I get rid of the bleach if I don't like the new color and go back to my original shade?
A: You cannot "remove" bleach. Bleach in its processing disperses the color molecules present in the hair and causes the hair to become lighter as a result. Because of this, you cannot treat bleaching like any other hair color service. Bleach only takes away, it does not add, so therefore it cannot be removed.
What you have to do if you dislike the results of a bleaching service, is to find a formula that most closely matches the natural color of your hair (taking into account the current shade and lightness-levels) and basically dye your hair back to its "natural" color.
You do need to remember that even with the readdition of color to the hair, the bleaching process and recoloring of the hair will mean that the hair takes damage, and doubly so. Be sure to use extra good moisturizers and conditioning agents in order to spare your hair from further troubles.
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