Hairstyles for Little Girls

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  • bob for a little girl
  • little girl with large curls
  • neck-length haircut for little girls
  • curly shag for litle girls
  • razor cut for girls
  • little girl with spiraling curls
  • up-style for little girls
  • modern girls hairstyle
  • classic bob for a girl
  • girl with blonde curls
  • girl with curls
  • bob for a little girl
  • pigtails
  • long hairstyle for little girls
  • short haircut for a little girl
  • long hair with curls for little girls
  • highlights for girls
  • updo for young girls
  • bob for children
  • long curly hairstyle for girls
  • long girls hairstyle with braids
  • girls hairdo with a braid on the side
  • low ponytail for girls
  • updo for little girls
  • long hairstyle for girls
  • flowergirl hairdo
  • vintage hairstyle for girls
  • messed look hairstyle for little girls
  • glamour hairdo for young girls
  • hairdo with a braided edge
  • girls hairstyle with flipped out ends
  • hairstyle for a girl with long wavy hair
  • hairstyle for a young girl with long hair
  • More hairstyles for girls

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The latest hairstyles for little girls, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Click the thumbnail images to learn more about the hairdos and how to cut and style to create the look.